Solutions for your environment

Editor software for over fifteen years, GMH2I specializes in the development of standard solutions to streamline and optimize the structural organization of a company. (see details of GMH2i products). (see details of products GMH2i)

Intranet Ciconia Solutions

Ciconia the software is installed on your server and uses your intranet.
This solution provides flexibility in trade with your repositories (LDAP, Exchange directory ...) and allows for easy communication with your access control systems, dynamic views ... (see details of the range Ciconia Intranet)

Saas Solutions Ciconia Online

Ciconia the software is installed on our secure servers and uses the Internet to access.
The hosting of our software solutions frees you from technical constraints of a typical installation. (see details of the range Saas Ciconia Online)

Classic solutions

The software is installed on your computer or on removable media.
These solutions enable small bénéficer high mobility. (see details of the range Classic Solutions)

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