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System Guide offers visitor management tailored to every environment and every security need. GMH 2i comes in various software versions, from single station to intranet.

All these versions have a redesigned ergonomic interface, adapting to any digital media.

Make the most of our 20 years of experience and discover simple and secure visitor data with the System Guide software.



Get the most out of the functionalities developed for our key accounts in the single-user version of the System Guide software.
Easy to install with a wealth of different operating modes, this version will address all your needs without any restrictions.
In addition, this version includes the prerecording of visitor notices, logbooks, event management, badge printing and the integration of identity document readers.



Keeping the same procedures, in a logical development of the single-user version, the client-server version gives you the opportunity to extend your visitor management to several computers. These computers are then connected through the same Oracle, SQL server or MySQL database.



While maintaining the same interfaces and the same ease of use offer your reception agents the ability to manage your visitors on all digital media, such as tablets and smartphones, without all technological constraints.
Use the advanced pre-registering visitor functionalities for all your collaborators, a way of keeping ahead of and controlling the flows of visitors to your sites.



Enrich the use of System Guide through our terminals with customizable interfaces and peripherals.


Additional Information

  Single-user Client-serveur Intranet Saas
Visitor management
Prerequisites single-user version

Prerequisites : Operating system (32 or 64 bits): Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10. Hard disk space : at least 250 MB. RAM : at least a 4 GB. Processor : at least 3 GHz. Microsoft.Net Framework 4.6 minimum. Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 or higher.

Prerequisites client-server version

Identical to the single-user version + drivers for connection to the database (Oracle, Microsoft SQL server) depending on the environment.

Prerequisites intranet / cloud version

Browsers : Internet Explorer 10 minimum, Mozilla Firefox 55, Google Chrome 63, Apple Safari 4. Server : Windows Server 2008 R2 minimum. IIS 7.5 minimum. Linux environment, Apache 2.

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